Friday, December 21, 2007

Creepy guy in a barrel: Photo: Found item # 2.

I found this pic in a box of books i pulled out of the garbage. Yep, i'm that guy. Garbage picker all the way. Anyway, i have a box full of found pictures. I find it funny that people just throw away pictures of people that were once a part of their life. I even got in trouble once when i picked up a picture of a girl i found on the street and put it in my wallet. I forgot it was even there until my lady at the time went through my wallet looking for something and found this girl. She didn't even believe me at first. It was pretty hard to explain but anyway, this creepy dude in this pic is going over a fake Niagra Falls in a barrel. Looks like someone's creepy uncle who might have touched them while they slept... I used to keep in on my desk at work and tell people who asked it was my "Creepy Uncle John Thomas"... is that strange?

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